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DPC Dermal Scrub. 500ml #316


This scrub contains jojoba oil, apricot powder, and chamomile and is a gentle way to exfoliate and deep cleanse skin, leaving it smoothly polished.  Exfoliates dead surface cells and smoothes texture of all skin types. Provides the ultimate clean without harshly drying.

Apply to face with wet hands, massaging in circles. Use once or twice a week for normal skin and up to four times a week for oily skin.

For all skin types. Used regularly, it allows better absorption of treatment boosters and moisturizers.  Ensures complete exfoliation without any over-stimulation.

Ingredients:  Jojoba Oil - natural smoothing agent, Apricot Powder - finely ground apricot stones eliminate flaky dead cells, Chamomile - soothes irritated skin.

Made in Italy.

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